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World Wide Delivery Agency

World Wide Delivery Agency Services offers trucking solutions tailored for both commercial and residential clients, facilitating seamless freight transportation to and from any location. As a trusted freight forwarding company, we ensure dependable and efficient delivery services for our customers.


Our personalized freight forwarding service extends to all major international ports, ensuring tailored solutions for each client’s unique needs. Universal is recognized for its proficiency in managing a wide variety of cargo types, cementing our reputation as industry experts in the field.

Air Freight

Rest assured, we handle all necessary formalities swiftly and reliably, ensuring the prompt air freight of your cargo. Leveraging our strong relationships with major carriers, we guarantee the shortest possible timeframe for delivery to your destination country.

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The evolution of technology is pushing the boundaries and changing how the world does business. Today, we’re accustomed to everything being online and right at our fingertips for immediate access. It’s possible to receive a package less than an hour after ordering, depending on where you live.


Global Logistics Zone provides the highest-quality, dependable product storage, and comprehensive inventory management supported by the latest technology-enabled processes. 


Protect your Shipments against various risks and claims.  Safe and Insured are award-winning when it comes to haulage insurance. It is important to have the correct insurance in place when transporting goods and Safe and Insured can offer a bespoke package, individually tailored to you and your business.


At Global Logistics Zone Agency we understand that your business is dependent on others’ ability to come through for you in a bind. That’s where we come in with our fast dependable messengers, a quality trained support staff, and an experienced dispatch team to ensure your business keeps moving.

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Commercial Goods

Our dedicated team is always online, ready to assist shippers every step of the way. With a committed group of agents, we ensure that our valued customers receive exceptional representation. From locating carriers to finalizing loading details, our representatives handle it all, ensuring a seamless shipping experience for shippers. Partnered with leading TL and LTL carriers, FreightCenter guarantees fast and reliable shipping solutions.

Track your shipment’s location by entering your PRO number or Shipment ID. Since 1998, FreightCenter has been a trusted provider of freight, trucking, and shipping services. With thousands of available trucks and loads daily, our platform makes it effortless for shippers to find the right freight and connect with carriers, whether it’s for local, cross-country, or international destinations. Our services cater to both business and residential shipping needs, ensuring comprehensive coverage for all our customers.


Partnering with Universal means aligning with the forefront of inventory control in manufacturing, offering substantial advantages. Gain access to top-tier personnel, streamlined processes, and robust systems, all facilitating Lean practices characterized by precision and reliability.

With extensive experience servicing diverse manufacturing sectors such as automotive, aerospace, and industrial manufacturing, Universal brings unparalleled expertise. Having delivered a comprehensive array of services in complex manufacturing settings, Universal stands as an industry leader, ready to optimize your operations.

Drop Zone Express Delivery offers a wide variety of reports that can be automatically generated, formatted, and emailed on a regular schedule. When a standard report won’t suffice, customized reports can also be created. Reports we provide include:

  • Diverse Report Topics – As well as inbound, outbound, inventory status, and activity reporting, report topics, may include items such as potential product shortages and when they will occur, order scheduling activity, and warehouse storage capacity
  • Flexible Content – Standard reports have various options that control the data shown; sorting, grouping, and customization extends this even more
  • Output Format Choices – Typical output is in formats that can be manipulated, or as a PDF upon request
  • Transmission Options – Email or other FTP methods are available for report transmission

Freight payment is a collection of processes that can be thought of in general terms as an accounts payable service for transportation invoices.  Freight payment services providers, such as a 3PL, act as the intermediary between the shipper and the carrier to receive, process, and pay invoices.  Every company is different so some processes may vary slightly, but typically invoices are sent directly to the freight payment provider by the carriers.  Upon receipt of the invoices, the following processes are usually included in a quality freight payment solution.

Invoice Receipt – Carriers submit invoices to the intermediary (such as a 3PL) in a variety of formats for processing.  Typical methods include manual invoices sent via the mail or email and electronic invoices sent via EDI.

Invoice Validation –  Upon receipt of invoices, the logistics services provider will validate and audit each invoice to make sure that the invoices have not been previously processed (duplicates), are the shipper’s responsibility to pay (billed correctly), and include proper/necessary documentation.  Additional shipper-specific validations are frequently included in this process such as the validation of bill of lading or purchase order numbers against a shipper’s internal data sets.

In today's retail landscape, retailers face the challenge of tech-savvy consumers armed with smartphones, alongside an unpredictable economic climate. Evolving supply chain dynamics demand that wholesale distributors optimize their operations for efficiency. Our Retail, Wholesale & Distribution practice provides customized insights and services specifically designed to address the needs of your organization in this rapidly changing environment.


The consumer goods packaging sector thrives on diversity and creativity, playing a crucial role in enhancing product value, ensuring protection, and effectively promoting products within the retail landscape.


Priority Plastics’ tight-head containers are engineered with the paramount objective of securely containing their contents, enabling handlers to focus on their tasks with confidence and safety.


The landscape of the food industry is undergoing a profound transformation, encompassing changes in cultivation, packaging, transportation, marketing, sales, and consumption practices. With a rapid expansion trajectory, businesses are swiftly scaling up their product offerings from a handful of items to a diverse portfolio of 50 SKUs in record time.


Our global network, regional hubs, warehouses, and our dedicated team of specialists brings focused solutions to your oil & gas activities. You benefit from our end-to-end sea, air, land/rail transports.